Video Six | The Reality Of Chronic Illness

Sunday, August 17

In July I had the opportunity to go to Ohio for two days and meet up with Rachel. We filmed her promotional video for her book The Reality of Chronic Illness. Using her gift of writing and her phenomenal photography she hopes to bring understanding about the daily struggles she-- and many others-- goes through on a regular basis. She is planning to publish it early next year, but she needs your help to do that!

Would you please consider donating towards this good cause? No donation is too small! Every little bit helps. Oh, and did I mention? She has rewards for people who back her project? You'll get prints of some of her best photography! How cool is that?

let me ask you a question 02

Thursday, August 7

apple  or  android?
ipods  or   records?
thrift shops   or   online shopping?
books  or  movies?
nikon  or   canon?
carpets  or  hardwood?
sour  or  sweet?
big groups  or  small get togethers?
comedy  or  drama?
east coast  or  west coast?
nail polish  or   all natural?

Moodboard || Earthy + Fun

Wednesday, June 11

Today I was supposed to post a new Young Creatives post, but there were some issues or whatever and so we'll wait to next week. So, you get to see a client's moodboard that I finished today. I love the direction we're going with it. There are a lot of earthy tones, and pops of bright colors involved. I'm loving how it all comes together. Bright and fun, but earthy and natural feeling. I can't wait to show you more.

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