Moodboard || Earthy + Fun

Wednesday, June 11

Today I was supposed to post a new Young Creatives post, but there were some issues or whatever and so we'll wait to next week. So, you get to see a client's moodboard that I finished today. I love the direction we're going with it. There are a lot of earthy tones, and pops of bright colors involved. I'm loving how it all comes together. Bright and fun, but earthy and natural feeling. I can't wait to show you more.

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This Life-- Sweeter Than Fiction

Saturday, June 7

Life is pretty great right now. It's summer. The weather is perfection. If it could stay like this year round, I'd be the happiest person in the world.

Going through my recent pictures, I noticed I tend to document events, get togethers, and hanging out with friends, by taking a picture of the food. Food is my favorite.

I'm starting to enjoy my siblings more, the older I get. I still have the bad habits of brushing them off, and not including them, but I'm working on it.

We went to Ohio last weekend and that was fun. We stopped at a hotel on the way there and swam, ate and slept.

Friday night my dad and brother picked me up from a friend's softball game and we went and watched The Edge of Tomorrow. That was pretty neat.

We've been eating blueberries like crazy. It takes an awful lot of self control to not eat a whole carton in one sitting. The best way to eat them? Three tart ones with a bite of homemade sugar-free dark chocolate. Yum!

My friend had her sweet sixteenth the end of May. It was a dance, and I told myself to screw what people think and just have fun. I danced the night away and had a blast! Life is so much more fun if you stop worrying what people think of you, ya know?

Another friend had a birthday party last night. I didn't want to go because I didn't know a lot of the girls I thought were coming, and I didn't want to stay for the sleepover. Mom and Dad planned on picking me up before bed, but the night got going, and the bonfire was lit, and it was way more fun then I imagined. We stayed up til three am, cuddling by the fire, eating doritos, talking about life and people, watching the shooting stars and having fun.

Tuesday I got back from town and checked my phone. There was a Facebook message from Grace, saying that she was driving through my town in an hour or two. I checked with my mom and it all worked out. Her and her sister, Anna, and I, went to Five Guys, Yo Amazing, and Target. We had a blast! I've said it before, but I'll say it again, it's an amazing feeling to meet people and just connect. We have plans to hang out for a couple of days in a few weeks. I'm pretty excited!

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Young Creatives 02: Jess

Wednesday, June 4

Jess is awesome, and not only because she's from New Zealand. She manages her photography, her mother + sister's art business, and is a web designer. Her photography skills are rad, and I adore her quirky hand lettering. My favorite thing, is her web designs where she collaborates with her sister who does personalized drawings. The two together are amazing.


0.1 How do you balance school, your social life, other responsibilities, as well as your photography and design work? well, I graduated nearly two years ago (praise be! hallelujah! heh), and as to my social life...wait, what social life? haha, no, a lot of my friends are either in nz or america or at least a couple of hours away from me, so I rely loads on skype/emailing/texting! thank heavens for all this modern technology schtuffs! although, one of my main priorities is making sure that I balance work with spending time with family. it's so easy to get totally focused on designing or editing pictures and sit at my desk for hours on end and not enjoy time with my family! so, I like to work till late afternoon and then just give some time to them.

0.2 What is your go-to music when you are designing and drawing? I like to listen to lorde, bastille and the oh hellos. oh, and I also love listening to movie soundtracks! my favourite soundtracks at the moment are 'how to train your dragon' and 'the desolation of smaug' . sooooo good!

0.3 Do you have friends around you, in the community, who are into designing or art like you? How does this affect you? luckily for me, my mum and my sister are both very talented artists; their styles are quite different to mine, but I get so much inspiration from them! I also have a few friends who are crazy talented photographers and artists and their work always inspires me. I think a huge part of it is being able to talk and bounce off and toss ideas around with like-minded people; its amazing the difference you see in your work when you don't have that!

0.4 What do you like to do, when you have nothing to do? make coffee! drink coffee! drink more coffee! and then, while I'm drinking coffee (heh), I like to watch movies, read books and have dance parties to disney music. oh, and also drink coffee!

0.5 Where would you like to see your designing and art at in the next five years? I would like to really advance my knowledge of coding (javascript, php etc) and I would like to incorporate more of my own art/handlettering into my designs. I also want to continue to expand my photography business and do some international work!

0.6 Who, what, and what place inspires you the most? Not necessarily in your art, but in your life as well. tim & kesh coulson ( seriously inspire me . their work is so incredible! travel also inspires me. seeing new places, new cities, new countries. as to places, new zealand is always my favourite! then england is probably second on the list for inspiration. plus, seeing the contrast between new zealand & england (culturally, socially, physically) is a really good way to expand my design perspective!

0.7 What accomplishment in your life are you the most proud of? uh, probably my photography business and then my business where I sell both my sisters and my mum's artwork! I'm just so glad that I can have the opportunity to run these businesses and see them grow. ever since I was younger, I always wanted to create my own business and now I have!

0.8 Last, but not least, what is you all-time favorite meal? oooh boy, I think it'd have to be chinese food. crispy duck & plum sauce pancakes with lots of dim sum on the side om nom nom! I could eat that aaaalll day errrryday!