Black and White Honesty

Thursday, December 5

i was going to take pictures of my room since i seem to be in here a lot. i was going to show you my new garland and the few christmas decorations i had put up. i woke up this morning and clothes from the night before are scattered on the floor, and the lists is long on my desk, and my nightstand is piled with laundry i haven't put away yet. my little plant is dying, and the words above my desk are pealing off. my bed hasn't been fixed for three days and my pillowcases don't match. my inspiration board is rather bare because i haven't even been searching for inspiration because it seems to have completely vanished. i need to do laundry, develop those film cameras from march, organize my shelves, put.everything.away, but i figure whatever, this is real life right now. and this evening after practice, in-between a shower and collapsing into bed, maybe i'll pick up the laundry, and straighten up my desk and water my plant. some other time will have to do for cleaning up my bathroom counter, my wall words and my nightstand. perhaps i'll wake in the morning and fix my bed, but maybe not. 


  1. Oh yes, my room isn't all sparkly either... but there is beauty in the ordinary, everyday, messiness of things. :)

    And your pictures are gorgeous.

  2. I love seeing how rooms look every day. I love how people live. I love that you are busy and living life to the fullest :)

    Tightrope to the Sun

  3. Mmhhm.this is me like all the time. My room is hardly ever nice nowadays and my bed *never* gets made.
    but it's ok. i honestly don't mind it much ^_^

  4. this is so relateable, especially because you just described my room. :P but, hey! there is beauty in the ordinary, right?
    (also, your little Christmas tree is the cutest!)
    xx. -marcia

  5. You play the guitar? cool! I do too. :)
    Your pictures are beautiful.

  6. These are great photos. I love the feel of black and white.

  7. I realize you just gave us a window-like tour through and into your life. We're all ordinary people with ordinary messes. But for some reason, I was utterly fascinated by your photo-and-word documentation. Messes can be beautiful too, I suppose. :)